Saturday, June 28, 2014


I know it has been very very long since I have posted. We have battled Strep....twice,

hives (which have lead to an allergist appointment).

 Cathy Belle at 18 months started asking to go potty, and went without an accident for the first 2 days, but it is always #2 in the potty (yay!) and sometimes #1, at least it is a start. She is having gastrointestinal issues, and we have an appointment with another specialist for her. I have started using Young Living Essential Oils, and while we are still learning it is helping. The last few weeks have been even crazier, if you can believe it! We have had 2 trips to the hospital resulting in a shot to stop contractions, I will be 31 weeks tomorrow and I am about 80% effaced and 1 1/2cm dilated.
28 weeks
 My doctor said it is not unusual for a woman who has had as many children as I have to be dilated this early, but having the active contractions concerns him. He is guessing I will deliver around 34-35 weeks, baby is measuring big, so we should still have a nice sized baby. Here are a few more pictures of life lately, and a blessing at the end!

While the Duggars were on their recent book tour we had an opportunity to meet them. My kids still talk about this. This was very memorable for them, and for me! 

We took a couple of quick trips down to visit my parents.

Here is our newest edition, HE will be here soon! 
Roland Coy

Roland: my father-in-law and his father, and my husband's uncle
Coy: my father, grandfather, and brother

I will try to update soon, but we are still looking for a van and trying to rearrange and organize the house, and the two "big" kids will start school at the beginning of July.