Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Rememberance of Blankie

Since we moved into our apartment the third bedroom had become a storage room, but thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law (Nana), we have been purging. Well yesterday, during the purging my son's security blanket (mickey) got lost. Unfortunately, we did not notice it was lost until bedtime. I searched just about the entire house, the dumpster (as best as I could see in there), and called Nana to see if it was put into one of the boxes to go to Goodwill. We could not find it anywhere. He has others, not the same as that one, but the same feel. Now we are 24 hours after he was noticed missing and Mickey is still gone. We were not able to fully check the dumpster, and there is a small possibility of him taking it outside and dropping it on the ground (and if someone around our complex found it, we will never see it again). We have been praying for us to find Mickey, but it looks like he is gone. Tonight I went into check on my son and found him asleep on the floor with 2 "substitute mickeys." Poor baby, I have cried, I can't imagine how he is feeling.

You were loved to much and held so tight.
You brought him comfort through the night,
And even when mommy could not stay,
You were with him through the day.
Now, even though you've gone away,
Please know that in his heart you'll always stay.

Friday, June 24, 2011


We recently house sat for my in-laws while they went on vacation. My husband still had to work, but I made it like a little vacation for myself and the kids (and my husband on his days off). Since they live in a house (we live in an apartment), we were able to be outside more...... and we were......

(sorry for the amount and disorganization)