Sunday, June 12, 2011

Boo Boo Bag

I saw a recipe for a gel pack on another blog recently. I liked their recipe, but because it had water in it, the gel pack still froze making difficult to wrap it around an arm, knee, neck, or whatever needs the the "Boo Boo Bag" at the time. My recipe calls for dish soap and a zipper sandwich, snack, quart, or gallon size bag, choose whatever size you will use or make one of each depending on your needs. You fill the bag half way with liquid dish soap (I get whatever is the cheapest, since you won't be using it for cleaning), close it and toss it in the freezer. The great thing about it is it will be cold, and stay cold just as long as ice would, but it is still moldable. You could get baggies with designs for the kids, or even allow them to pick what color (whatever the color of the soap is) they would like. You could dress them up as little or as much as you want, either way they will be put to good use........

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