Sunday, June 5, 2011

Children (not a post for the kids)

I was recently catching up with a friend on Facebook, and we were commenting on how much of a blessing our children are. I am saddened by many people I know who do not feel the same way. My views have changed through the years, but I think now more than ever I am aware just how much of a blessing they truly are. I have been researching what the Bible has to say about children, birth control, and family size. Actually some of my research has gone past just the Bible and many, many commentaries, but also into the medical realm as well. I recently found out the according the statistics the best selling birth control medicines right now are the low dose, low estrogen, low progesterone, which are better for women. I applaud the medical community for continuing their research to provide the best to us as consumers. I am disappointed by some of the people who take these pills, because they are being "responsible." I doubt that some of them have read the pamphlet that come with their pill, this pamphlet tells them how they work. Older, non "low dose" pills worked in a three fold manner: 1) they try to stop the woman from ovulating, 2) they increase the woman's discharge making it harder for the sperm to get to the egg, 3) it doesn't allow the endometrium layer to thicken, so if the first two don't work the egg cannot plant onto the wall of the uterus. The new ones only do the third one, so if you are like me and believe life begins at the moment of conception, then life begins in the fallopian tube before the egg implants on the wall of your uterus. Essentially, if you are as fertile as my husband and I seem to be you could conceive and lose a baby every month. I am by no means saying you should have 30 kids, but I am saying that we need to be informed. My husband and I think of children as a blessing and no matter what kind of "birth control" we choose we know that God opens and closes the womb, as He sees fit. He may open it quickly, like after only 17 months like He did with Monkey and Jewel, or He may choose to close it for a few years. We prayerfully make chooses about our family, and try to keep a close relationship with God, so he can give us a peace when our family is complete. Which may be this year or 8 years from now, but we feel like we have through prayer and applying the knowledge we have been given is the best we can do........

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