About Us

This is my hubby and me on our wedding day. We were married 1/6/07. It was a beautiful day, we had a perfect ceremony and reception, and enjoyed the following week at Disney World. I love him more everyday!

This is my Raymond James (Ray-J), he is my oldest. He was born 3/4/09. He is a joy. He keeps us laughing. He loves his sisters and is very protective of them as well.

This is my Emma Jewel (Emmie). She was born 8/6/10. She is my girly-girl. He loves princesses, twirling, and dolls (especially her sister who she thinks is a doll). She is not oppose to playing cars with her Bubba though, as long as she can do it in a dress.

This is Catherine Belle (Cathy Belle). She was born on 11/11/12. She is such a sweet baby! She loves to roll over, suck her thumb, and talk to her big brother and sister. She is anxiously awaiting the day she can run after them. 

I write about just about things that bounce around in my head, how I handle 3 kids in3 1/2 years, and our family adventures. I am hoping to start selling modest clothing soon. Welcome!