Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have really been thinking and praying about homeschooling our children. I think I would enjoy the extra time with my babies, and the more opportunity for "family time." We are lacking in that department lately. We currently live with my in-laws and I am so grateful for them allowing us to live with them for the past year and a half while we get out of debt, Ryan gets settled in a job, and we find a place to live. I have noticed that despite all the "family" around we all seem to  be spending less "family time" together. I am looking forward to moving and being a "family" again. In the apartment there will be no cable, Wii, PS3, or as sad as is sound grandparents. Not that I don't like them, I love my in-laws and thank God for the wonderful people that they are, but they are grandparents and want to spoil their grandchild, and I am just ready for my authority as a parent not to be undermined. Now back to my original subject. I was thinking, since we really don't have to settle on one until he is in first grade or kindergarten, of getting some of each of their workbooks, and possibly even attending a couple of conferences over the next 3-4 years. My problem right now is the one I am looking to sign up for won't let me sign up because it doesn't cost anything to attend their main seminar and you have to pay for something, but I am e-mailing them and hopefully we can work something out. Oh well, I am hoping to find the right curriculum for us, although I am open for suggestions. I am excited to get an early start on it.......

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