Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slow to Anger

While writing my last post I was reminded of something I have been convicted of. I, unfortunately many times, respond in anger when my children have done wrong. I was convicted of the thought "Is this how I would want God to correct me?" Wow! I would not want Him to correct me in the same way I correct my children sometimes. He tells us to be "slow to anger" and many times with children you have to react right away, so we forget. I have been trying to remind myself of how I want God to deal with me when I have done wrong, and apply that to the way I deal with my children. He is always gentle and kind. I will be trying to remember to correct like God would. I have heard a saying that someone taught their children, that I am trying to apply to my life first and then to my children's lives, lead by example. The saying goes like this: "Never raise a hand to hit, never raise a voice to yell."  I would love it if my children would do this, but I have do it first.I know we all want those kids who people say are "So well behaved," but I don't want them to be that way because I have threatened their lives. I want them to be well behaved because I have taught them and corrected them well. So, I try to be more like God in the way I act and talk, now I am trying to be more like Him in the way I correct.......

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