Tuesday, September 25, 2012

31 weeks

I am sorry I disappeared for a while. I was trying to do a post about my first birth story (or why I have to have c-sections), but since we still do not have a computer I was fighting with the iPad and it just made me mad. I also wanted to include a picture, but the iPad will not let me do that either. Oh well.

I passed my glucose test! They had to take my blood pressure twice that day, once before and once after my test. My blood pressure was so high before my test because I was so nervous that they were concerned about having to watch me for preeclampsia. My weight has finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight. Although, I had to make a trip to labor and delivery because of some contractions I was having and according to their scale I have lost 2 pounds, so I guess we will know for sure at my next doctor's appointment on October 8th.

I will go back to my hospital visit. I had contractions that were pretty strong coming every 3-4 minutes for about 4 hours (2 hours longer than I am suppose to wait before going to the hospital). I really do not like all they do to you at the hospital. I am not effacing or dilated, which is wonderful, I had a small very fixable problem that was causing my contractions. I went home on bed rest for the weekend followed by light duty until my next doctor's appointment (8th). Thankfully I have learned my limits, and do my best not to over do it. Fortunately, I have a wonderful husband and mother-in-law who are always right there if I need them, and are willing to help at those times I do over do.

I am excited to be so close to the end! On Friday I will be 32 weeks,which means the beginning of my 8th month. Where did my pregnancy go! I feel fairly good, not as much nausea, although my indigestion, getting up to use the restroom a million times, and soreness is in high gear. I am looking forward to meeting baby Belle, but I will honestly miss being pregnant.

My children have been enjoying feeling/watching her move, and give her hugs and kisses daily. It makes a mommy's heart happy to see their sibling love. The other day my son told me his Girl-girl (that is what he calls Jewel) and his Belle were his best friends. Oh yah, I cried!

I am really excited because one of the sweet ladies in our church is throwing me a baby shower. I have never had a baby shower before. I am looking forward more to spending time with the great ladies in our church more than anything. We have a wonderful wonderful church!

I hope to update more often, but with projects, toddlers, contractions, and general pregnancy I am not sure I will. I will try to finish my birth story and do at least one more update. My c-section is scheduled for November 20th, but I had my son at 38 weeks 2 days, and my daughter at 38 weeks 4 days, but I know every pregnancy is different. I have a 3 day stretch in November that I am praying she comes, so we will see :)

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