Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I have been doing

Monkey has been doing some school as well
I know I have not been on in almost a month. If you remember I had said I was going back to school. I have been busy getting A's. I was so excited to see that my almost final grades are A's. I was taking two what I call "fluff" classes. They are classes to help you get back into the feel of being in college again, so they were fairly easy courses. Starting in October I will start some much more difficult classes, like Anatomy and Medical Terminology (yikes!). I am very nervous! The goal is for me to work at home. We cannot really afford for me to work outside of the home. We only have one car, and my husbands work schedule would not allow me to work outside the home until 2pm. Plus, it cost a lot of money to put two children in daycare and we are not sure I could make enough to pay for that and still have money left over. We also just want me to stay home. It has been difficult juggling babies, household responsibilities, spending time with my husband, and school. I also hate to admit that some were neglected, my house is messy (I must say if something is going to be neglected, that is the only thing on that list that I am willing to neglect). I am still praying my husband will find a better job, but right now we are happy he has one.
Learning his colors

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