Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 21

I am so tired this week. I am not sure if this pregnancy makes me more tired or if it is that I am chasing two toddlers on top of being pregnant. I have also been working on my projects around the house (We have already rearranged the living room). Bell is the size of a pomegranate this week. I am so excited to be on the down hill side of my pregnancy. Movement- She was actually pretty mellow up until this week, but now she is starting to become very very active. I guess she is just trying to keep up with her older siblings, that is something she will be doing for a very long time. Indigestion- Yes! I had it the other night after I ate some homemade chicken noodle soup. I have heard the old wives tale about it giving the baby hair, and have actually found it to be true. I had it from about this time on with my daughter and she was born with hair (yay! I love hair bows). My son on the other hand, I only had it at the end when he was so big that his feet were resting on my stomach. Chocolate milk is the only thing that helps, but sadly she does not like it, so I gag it down, and pray I do not lose it. Weight- I have an appointment next Monday. I have been afraid to weigh myself since my tummy has really popped out. Emotions- I cry at just about anything. I have been known to start crying when I look at one of my older children, because it really does go by very fast. Each pregnancy makes you think of previous ones, it really does seem like yesterday I was pregnant with him. Yesterday Jewel was sitting next to me when Bell started moving, so I put her hands on my tummy. She smiled so big and said "that Bell" and started kissing my belly. I pray they always have that love for each other :)

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