Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 23

I sorry I have not been on in a while we still have not figured out what to do about our computer problems. I had a doctors appointment last week. Belle is growing and is right on track. I gained a whole .2 pounds which still puts me under my prepregnancy weight. Several of my friends are pregnant too and all generally play the "guess the date game", but I am considering changing it to "guess the weight"  :) I only gained 23 lbs with James, and 16 with Jewel, and go home from the hospital weighing what I did before I was pregnant, so I am hoping this pregnancy will be a little bit of a "diet" for me (I would love to lose 10-20 lbs).

Cravings- Bacon, I have been loving bacon on salads and cheeseburgers, and anything!

Emotions- I cry over everything!

I am so excited to Olympics are on we have been watching non-stop.

I do need to ask for some prayers as I have been having several contractions lately. I am not sure if they are Braxton hicks or if they are actually doing something. I have not been to the hospital yet, but I am concerned with my two toddlers. Please pray for no bed rest!

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  1. Hey! Haven't heard from you in awhile, but it sounds like you have been having computer problems! That can be frustrating!

    I have been eating a lot more bacon lately too! Love me some bacon!

    We are enjoying the Olympics here too! That's all we watch when they are on! What's your favorite sport to watch?

    I will add you to my prayers and pray for contractions to stop and that bed rest will not be in your future.

    I also wanted to let you know that I'm using your homeschooling question for the discussion question this week. Hopefully some other moms will have some advice and wisdom to share with you!