Monday, May 13, 2013

We Don't

Here are some things you might hear me say we don't do:

Put our head in the toilet

Eat diapers (thankfully it was a clean one)

Play in the flour

Put our feet in our grits

Lick/bite the cat

Get in the exercauser, unless we are the baby

Jump off of things

Mix our smoothie with a crayon

Eat random things we find on the ground 

Climb up the bookshelf

Roll the baby around. She can do it herself.

Drink out of the sink/shower when you have a cup of water on the table

Use the bathroom in the shower/bowls/cups/anything other than the toilet

Eat the cat food

Lick the chair/table/wall/etc

Run down the hallway and slam into Mommy and Daddy's door

Hide food under our bed

Sleep with food

Blow our nose on mommy

I know there are countless more, but I will save those for another time. Please tell me I am not alone!


  1. Oh yes, we've had many of those on our "do not do" list. Your last picture cracked me up. I've had those scenes several times, with baby powder. Hang in there, they get slightly less destructive as they get older. :). Usually. Love your blog!

    1. I am kind of glad when they are small, because they usually only do things like this. When they get older they are likely to break expensive valuable things, like arms, legs ;)