Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reason for my absence

I have said before that my mother-in-law has been sick. She battled, cancer in 2010, Cushings Syndrome in 2012, and a return of cancer this year. Her cancer had returned to dormant after only 2 chemo treatments. She was still sick off and on, but last week seemed to be getting stronger. On Sunday evening, my father-in-law took her to the hospital because her blood pressure was low. The doctor decided to keep her, because she was dehydrated. He said they would also put her in ICU to keep an eye on her blood pressure. Around 1 am Monday morning her blood pressure fell dangerously low, and despite her fighting all day long, she entered her Savior's presents around 7pm that evening.

I am so great flu for the time and memories we have with her. She was a wonderful wonderful lady and she loved me like a daughter. When my mother passed away I prayed for a mother-in-law who could be like a mother to me and God answered my prayers with an amazing woman, and I am thankful that I have some great memories of her. 

If you could keep our family in your prayers while we process it all, and my young children who keep asking to see their Nana. Of course, Cathy Belle, 10 months old, will not remember her, but my 3 year old will have a vague memory, and so will my 4 year old. He, Ray-J, seems to understand since he told a friend that his Nana was in heaven in her new body. I pray they deal well with the funeral on Friday.

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