Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Truth About My Day

I have made this wonderful schedule for my family and this is what it looks like:

6:30 I wake up and exercise, do my devotions, take a shower, and start a load of laundry
8:00 Kids wake up, get them dressed, make beds, brush teeth, Breakfast
8:30 Clean-up, empty dishwasher, kids chores, start laundry, Nurse baby, big kids do a table activity
9:00 Husband wakes up, eats breakfast and exercises, Kids and I start school work, baby plays
9:30 Outside time (unless it is too cold or raining)
10:00 Laundry, school work, baby naps,
11:00 Kids play with Daddy, while I start lunch
My Attempt
11:45 Lunch,
12:30 Kids chores and clean up toys, dishes, Nurse baby
1:00 Nap Time, laundry, play time with baby
2:00 My and baby nap time
3:00 Husband leaves for work, laundry, computer time
3:30 Kids up, snack, play time
4:00 Nurse baby, laundry
4:30 Make dinner
5:00 Dinner
5:30 Chores
6-8:30 Free/Play time for kids, I clean and nurse the baby
8:30 Clean up toys, straighten up the house
9:00 Bath time
9:30 Story and Bible time, Nurse baby
10:00 Bedtime, and computer time for me

* My husband leaves for work at 3pm and comes home by 1am, so our schedule is adjusted based on our current situation. It works well for us to have our kids go to bed so late in order for them to wake up as late as they do. This gives my husband the most amount of sleep as well as the most time he can with us. He works Friday-Tuesday, so our schedule is really for those days, while Wednesday and Thursday is more like a weekend for us.
 We also do a big lunch and sandwich type things for dinner, about once a week I will try to cook something that we can eat off of for a couple of days to break up the sandwiches.

I am willing to admit that my day goes more like this:

I am woken up at 12, 2, 4, and 6 for baby to nurse
Sometime between 7:30-8:00 my kids wake me up and I sleepily manage to get them their cereal, while we are all still in our jammies
8:30 I manage to get the breakfast bowls to the sink and nurse the baby while the big kids play (only to be too loud and wake up daddy again, sigh)
9:00 Kids and I do a little school work, I might start some laundry,
9:30 Kids play while I empty the dishwasher
10:00 I stop to play on the computer and nurse the baby
10:30 Baby sleeps, I might do some more laundry, play with the kids
11:00 Start lunch
11:45 Lunch
12:30 Nurse baby and the big kids go down for their nap
1:00 Laundry, try to clean up the kitchen some, get distracted by the computer
2:00 nurse baby and pass out
3:00 wake up in time to kiss my husband goodbye, laundry and play on the computer
4:30 make dinner
5:00 dinner, nurse baby
5:30 clean up, chores, kids play, work on some projects around the house, kids play
7:00 sit down to nurse baby and get distracted by computer
8:00 try to get to whatever my current project is under control
8:30 clean up-house, toys, get the dishes in the dishwasher, finish any laundry
9:00 Bath time
9:30 Story and Bible time, nurse baby
10:00 Start the dishwasher, wipe down table and counter, usually find (with my foot) the one small toy left out on the floor, put away any laundry I did not put away during the day and start a load that I should have earlier, maybe take a shower, crawl into bed and try to continue writing the same blog post that I have been for the past two days...
11:30-12:00 pass out- sometimes I wake up when my husband gets home, but quickly go back to sleep

As you can not only is the nice clean schedule I made not working, but I am having trouble implementing it. I am convinced the more organized I make our home the more I will be able to organize our time. When there is disorganization around us our thoughts and time become disorganized as well.

I am continuing to work on organizing our home, and tweaking our schedule to make our day flow well. I know when there are three children 3 and under there is almost always a mess, an boo-boo, an emotional break down, a tantrum, a dirty diaper, and someone who is hungry........but we can still make it above survival mode. I will persevere!

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  1. Hang in there, you will figure out what works--and then it will change :) I function better with a schedule as well but have found a more flexible one is better for me--highlighting and setting a time for only the major points and keeping a running list of the other to-dos. Enjoy these years. They will go by quickly!