Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Have I Been Doing

I have been.....failing! I am one of these people who cannot ask for help. I try to juggle all of these things in the air, and when I drop one I let them all fall only to pick them back up and try again. Now I am not saying that it is not honorable to "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," but sometimes you cannot do it all by yourself.....there I said it! I have been trying to be a good wife, care for my husband and three children, keep the house clean, nurse an infant, cook, working on projects, laundry, potty training a two year old, and recently I added exercise and counting calories. Guess what I can't do all that, and I am willing to guess most of us can't (I applaud any of you who can!) I realized the other day that something has got to give.

I had to sit down and prioritize what was most important. Caring for my family is always the most important, but in this case I had to ask my husband for help. My husband is not one to help in our home (too many times in the first couple of years we were married when he tried to help I would tell him he was not doing it right, so he just stopped-cannot blame him). Now when I want help I have to ask him, and he sweetly does whatever I ask of him.

Then I still needed to figure out something I was going to have to let go of. My projects are important right now, because they are bringing peace to my home and making it a place where my family wants to be more. Prior to me working on organizing and purging we wanted to do things outside our home more than we wanted to be there, so it is important to make it a place everyone loves and enjoys, a place we can be a family. Exercise is important, but I learned that trying to lose weight while nursing does not work. I may be able to lose a pound or two, but there is just no way to lose the 25-30 pounds I would like to lose and still be able to nurse Cathy Belle for a year. No more dieting for me until she is weaned (but I am usually pregnant again by that time, so I may just have to learn to love those extra pounds). Also, potty training a two year old who seems to have no concept of when she goes to the bathroom until she is standing in a puddle or smells it.....well it is just not working.

I still have all these balls in the air, but they are more manageable thanks to my willingness to relinquish some control, and putting some things on the back burner for a while. I am hoping to blog some more too soon, when I can add that to my juggling ;)

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