Saturday, December 21, 2013


Chippy is our "Elf on the Shelf". My father-in-law purchased him for our children. We do not really play up Santa. We try to focus on the birth of our Savior. Needless to say we have failed some this year after an aunt sent letters to the children from Santa in the mail, and the children were told Santa would visit a family members house. It is difficult to focus on what is most important when well meaning family members do not help. 

After the season has ended we are going to discuss some about next year. Chippy will still come out to play, and we may even take a nice Christmasy family picture with Santa. We may or may ot "play" Santa, but we will most definitely make sure everyone understands the focus will be more about Jesus. 

Until then I hope you enjoy some of the things our elf has done.

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