Monday, December 9, 2013


They say "Time heals all wounds," but I do not think that is true. Time only makes the wound more bearable. If you have ever had a serious injury you know what I am talking about. The initial injury is very painful, but you begin to heal and slowly things get back to your new normal. There may be some set backs along the way, but eventually you find your feet. These kinds of injuries though never really heal, some will even cause daily pain, this depends on how much you rely upon that particular part of your body.

This same is true when you lose a loved one. As holidays draw near, you begin to be reminded of their absence. It does get easier as life goes on, but it is never easy. We will still grieve no matter how long or short the time has been. That is ok. We need those moments of raw emotion where we can call out to God for His comfort and peace. We thank Him for our time with them, and He can bring good memories for us to cling to. 

I am reminded of my mother and now my mother-in-law this holiday season. They were both wonderful, beautiful, and very special women. My mother has been gone for 15 years, and I still get stopped in my tracks sometimes. My wound from my mother-in-law is still very fresh and new. My children are learning what it is like to grieve, and how to deal with those feelings. They are so young the concept is difficult, and they are missing her a lot these days. We are all joining together and leaning on each other for support, and by God's great grace we will persevere.

No time may not heal, but it can certainly help.

I hope if you have any wounds this holiday season you can find comfort in God's loving arms. 

My mom

My mother-in-law and Ray-J decorating the tree for his 1st Christmas

This also reminds me, take lots of pictures of everyone you love, because when they are gone you do not want one of the few pictures you have of them at Christmas to not even have their face in it.

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