Friday, August 5, 2011

Have you ever....

Have you ever had something hit you hard....... You know those things that just hit you like a wall and you think why am I reacting this way, why am I dwelling on this, God are you trying to teach me something, what is wrong with me. That is the way I have felt the past few days. For the past six months, I have discovered an elementary school friend died, three friends children have passed away and one grandchild, a friend of my husband's family, a father of my brother's friend, and now a high school friend's younger sister. To be perfectly honest I was not very close to any of these people, but for some reason I morn the loss like I knew some of them more personally. I believe the one who hit me the hardest was the most recent one (the sister), I used to go to their house, until her sister and I parted ways, I participated in  cheerleading with this girl. She was 21, and unfortunately, everyone she has left behind is now dealing with the choices she made. Maybe somewhere in my head I think if I had stayed friend with her sister I could have made a difference. I know we can not think about the "what if"s, but i know that all I can do is pray for their family. When I say "all" I know that I serve a BIG God, and He hears my prayers, so I know that the prayers help somehow. I just find it so sad that her life was cut so short. Maybe it is just the sheer number of passings that I am struggling with, or that I am a little worried God may be preparing me for something. I just do not know...... Have you ever had something hit you hard?

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