Saturday, August 13, 2011


I may not be on as much. I mentioned at the start of this blog that my husband may ask me at any time to return to work. Well, I have not returned to work, but I am currently in school to get a degree in Medical Billing and Coding. It should take about a year, including an internship. This should end in a job for me. Unfortunately, the job may require me to work in an office for 6 months to a year before I am given the opportunity to work from home. I love my husband and my children, and it has always (from as far as I can remember, about 3 years old) been my dream to be a stay-at-home wife and mother. I knew that I may have to return to work to help out financially, but I was really hoping I would not have to. My heart is at home, and I am praying I can give 100% to my school work. I know that most of family is thrilled with the fact that I am back in school, and I would love to make them proud. To be perfectly honest I can not help but sit here and cry at the thought of taking time away from my family and possibly working outside that home. My desire all my life is first and foremost to be in God's will, but I am not sure this is His will. I know that this is what everyone else wants. I have always heard that God's will may not always be easy, but I have heard that you will be happy if you are following it. I am sorry for such a discouraging blog entry this time. I always speak from my heart and this is where my heart is at this time.

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