Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 10

This week the baby is the size of a prune according to The Bump. (Please disregard the word fetus in the picture, a baby is a baby from the moment of conception) Our family enjoys a tangible example of how the baby is growing. I must say I was enjoying the "only morning sickness in the morning" that I told you about in week 8, but it has come in full swing 24/7. I have a sweet friend, who has been pregnant five times so she knows a thing or two, who told me about something wonderful. I had been drinking as much water as I could, but mostly Sprite was what could help. Until one day this past week, I will write about that later, when it peaked and she suggested ice cold water with lemon. Oh Wow! It helps so much, a great benefit of drinking it from sun-up to sun-up, is not getting dehydrated from too much Sprite. Now if I could just keep my little ones fingers out of my drink, they love to eat lemons. On the bright side I only have a couple more weeks until it should end. Right now the big excitement is when will we find out who will be out numbered, since we have one of each. My sweet James has been praying for "a boy to play trucks with." Jewel will say something about the baby when reminded but since she is only 20 months old we understand. We are just excited about the new member of our family, and despite my confusing craving we are enjoying each day as this new gift grows :)


  1. Thank so much for linking up! I enjoyed reading your update! I'm with you on the 24/7 morning sickness. Ice cold water with lemon, huh? I'll have to try that. Did you find out the gender of your other two? We have always found out, but I'm debating on whether or not to find out this time. I'll probably cave!! :) Sounds like you are doing well! Have you had an appointments yet?

  2. We did find out, with our son we found out at 22 weeks and with our daughter we found out at 16 weeks. I have gone back and forth about whether we should or not, but I am like you I will probably cave :) I just have to know! Mostly so I will feel more prepared, getting the right baby clothes out, blankets, burp cloths, and things like that. I have had one appointment at 7 weeks, and I have one on the 14th of May. I get so excited about my appointments I feel like a little kid! I just love to hear the heartbeat, and know that everything is going well. I hope the water with lemon works for you! :)

  3. Congratulations! We found out the sex of this little one at 17 weeks. Our midwife doesn't require an ultrasound, but The Hubs insisted on knowing! LOL