Monday, July 8, 2013

Our School Area

I had to split up the post about our first day and our homeschool area. Here is where we do school.

This is our dining room, you can see our shoe rack in the bottom left (I don't allow shoes inside).

Here is all of our supplies.

Teacher's manuals, our attendance log, and a coloring book.

These all all the papers he will do this year. I was given all the K-4 curriculum from the school I graduated when they decided to no longer do that age group. The pages had already been collated, so in the future I plan to have workbooks. Under the papers are supplement books (I will do another post on what I use to supplement the curriculum).

This is all the paint, crayons, stamps, brads, glue, and other things we will need.

This is the extra collated pages, construction paper, writing tablets, and coloring books.

This is a basket I keep with my things:pens, scissors, hole punch, stickers, chalk, post-it notes, my glasses, and hair ties (for when my hair drives me crazy)

These are all my large flash cards.

Some of our books, these are the easier readers for when he begins to read.


These are my manipulatives, beans to count, flash cards, blend cards, and fun fact cards.

For now this is what works for us, but as the year goes on I may be moving things around as I discover a better system.



  1. You have everything set up very nicely. A lot of schooling has taken place around our dining room table. Enjoy these days!

  2. Thank you! It is not what I would ultimately like, but it is working well for now :)

  3. school takes place around our kitchen table and on the couch. I would like a school room just to have a place to store everything and do crafts

  4. So awesome! I've just started looking at curriculums for my daughter next year for K. At this point I have no idea where we will have school. I love your no shoes inside rule! Thanks for posting at Babies and Beyond!