Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hip Clicks

When I had my daughter, 11 and 1/2 months ago, I figured she would be jaundice like my son had. I had heard once you have a child with it any children after will have it as well. I was really praying my milk would come in so she would not have to spend time in the NICU under the UV lights like he did. If she did though I was prepared for that. Every morning the nurse would come take her to get checked out by the doctor, and the second morning she told me she has a little jaundice, and then she said she also has hip clicks. I had never heard of that. I listened as she began to vaguely explain she would be referring us to a pediatric orthopedic. I searched the internet, and found out a little, but anxiously awaited our appointment. The morning of the appointment we drove a little over an hour to get the the children's hospital where the doctor's office was located. We waited for 2 hours in the waiting room, the whole time all I could do was pray and thank God that she was not as bad as different children I saw. She was given an ultrasound on her hips, and the doctor looked at her and decided she would need a Pavlik harness. She would wear is all day everyday for eight weeks, before being allowed to wean from it for 3 weeks. We were so excited to see it come off hoping all was well. A couple months later we returned to only find out from a x-ray that things had not really improved, but there was a chance when she began to bear wait on her legs, it would decrease the dysplasia. Today, was latest appointment, and unfortunately there has been no improvement, so she is now in a new harness when she sleeps. Hopefully, between this harness and walking over the next six months she will get better. If not they can do a few other things, but most likely she will need surgery at four years old. We are praying for healing and thanking God that it is not something worse.
My little Jewel, isn't she beautiful!

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