Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nothing is too small.

A little while back I posted that we had lost my son's blankie. To any of you who have a child who is very attached to something (or were when they were younger), you know how devastating this was. Well, after a few nights of finding him asleep in the hallway or on the floor in his room, he seemed to adjust. Fortunately we had several of them (they all looked different), but he was very attached to one. We prayed he would find his blankie, I had sweet friends who told me they were praying, but it seemed like blankie was gone for good. The other day I was getting a few items from the closet, when what do we find.....blankie! It reminded me that nothing is too small for God. He hears the prayers of even a two year old, and his desperate mother. God is so faithful, to hear us when we pray, not matter what is going on in Norway, Iran, Libia, or any part of the world, he hears the little desires of His children.
Matthew 10:27b
with God all things are possible.
We too often I think this about the big things, but we forget that God will hear even the smallest desires. Not is nothing too big for God, but nothing is too small for God. Even the most insignificant thing, like a little boy praying to find his blankie. Thank you God for answering our prayers!

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