Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby #4- Week 6

We are so excited about this new sweet life that God has blessed us with! 

6 Weeks: Baby is as big as a lentil!

I am not nauseous anymore thanks to a friends insight into using Seabands. They are typically used by people with motion sickness. They are placed on pressure points on your wrist. They have little buttons (knobs, knots, whatever you want to call them) that press into those pressure points, and your nausea disappears! I was a little skeptical, but these work great! I still have a wave sometimes where a smell, or certain foods will turn my stomach, but the majority of the time I feel great. Until I had tried these my nausea just kept getting worse, and like I mentioned last week my nausea came on early and strong. It is so nice to be able to function!

I am more tired, which is normal, and have had a few dizzy spells.

I am craving beef! Cheeseburgers, Stew, Steak, Roast, hearty beefy items (with my son I probably ate my weight in cheeseburgers)

My stomach seems to be getting bigger faster this time as well. I am not sure if it is just used to doing this, or if I could be further along than I think I am (very unlikely).

I am dealing with insurance (another post and rant!), so it may be a while before I actually see my doctor. Fortunately, there is a walk-in OB clinic that I will most likely be going to sometime in the next few weeks.

My sweet church really values children, the way they should be, and they always make a big deal about pregnant ladies. This morning I received a gift bag with Sprite and crackers (the gift bag could double as a vomit bag as well).

One thing this pregancy has done is brought out some discussion about children, families, and birth control between myself and my husband. We do not advocate the pill, IUDs, or anything that effects your hormones that could cause abortions, or in the long run cause health problems for the woman. Maybe I will share our consensus with you once we have finished our discussion

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