Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baby #4- Week 9

Baby is the size of a grape.

My husband has been sweetly dealing with my extreme nausea, which has only let up every so often. Forgive me if this update is short. Between the nausea and fatigue not much has been getting done this week. We did do school on the couch, and my husband got take-out more than I care to admit to this week. Like I mentioned in my post about morning sickness, this is only for a season, and it means baby is growing.

Speaking of growing I now have nice little bump that has caught attention from a few people this week. It is the "I see you looking at me and trying to figure out if I just have 'mommy tummy' or if I am pregnant" look. The one where you catch them just staring. That is ok, I have 3 children I get my fair share of looks. 

I still have not been to the doctor, but hopefully will be calling about that soon. 

I have been eating a lot of pork and beef (my poor family) because the thought of chicken still makes me gag. Hopefully I can get a handle on all this soon.

 This is my new favorite lunch a big salad with spinach, lettuce, cabbage, cheese, carrots, turkey bacon, and ranch.


  1. Hi there! I saw your comment on LFOP's blog, and thought I would come "visit". How exciting that #4 is on the way!!! Congratulations to you and your family! I saw these first few posts, and you being nauseous. Having gone thru that 7 times myself, come baby #8, I finally found out why! Granted no 2 people are alike, but the new thought on morning sickness has to do with a deficiency of magnesium. But, being pregnant makes the uptake of magnesium too slow for proper use/needs. Magnesium oil, applied to the skin works much better. It is a bit expensive, so I made my own with Epsom salt (1/4 cup) mixed into 1 cup hot water. The hot water makes the salt dissolve better. Apply to skin multiple times a day, as needed. At first I needed to apply it 12 times a day, but was able to get down to 3 times a day a couple of months later. BUT make sure you are getting enough calcium, or you will end up with muscles cramping...again, a cheap solution is Tums as it is also a calcium supplement. Anyways, just one mom to another! It made a world of difference, and when you have 3 other little ones to care for, well you need all the help you can get :-) Blessings!

  2. Thank you! I will definitely try that! I had not heard that before, but there are so many new things I learn with each pregnancy :)