Saturday, January 18, 2014

Morning Sickness Remedies

I wanted to share some of what I do for "morning" sickness. I say it like that because I know very very very few people who have their first trimester nausea/vomiting in the morning only. I do certain things to help keep mine at bay. Although these things do work I still get nauseous, and I know it is not easy, but I also know it will only be for a season. That season may be 8-9 weeks or 7-8 months (like my last baby).

Here are the things I do that have helped me. I am greatful for the friends who have shared these secrets with me.

Lemon water- Drinking plenty of water is so important to stay hydrated even when your not pregnant, but you need it even more when you are pregnant. It helps keep you hydrated as well as baby, and also helps your kidneys function. Lemon in your water can help equalize the acids in your stomach, which are making you nauseous. Also, continuing to drink it after your first trimester can help as well. The lemon aids in digestion, which can help later on when the indigestion starts up. It will not help in the last month of pregnancy when the baby's feet are in your stomach causing the acid to come up simply because there is no room for it in your stomach, sorry.

Coke/Ginger Ale/Root Beer- I try to limit my intake of things that are not natural. I like to make things from scratch, and am looking into more and more organic options (with a tight budget and a growing family, I do my best to make wise food choices). I will admit I do enjoy Cherry Coke, and Root Beer has helped my nausea with time considerably, so I do what helps.

Eating- While I know this may not always sound like a good idea, it really helps to eat often. I try to keep nuts, cheese, turkey bacon, Greek yogurt, and anything with high protein around. I also to eat these snacks every couple of hours. When there is something in my stomach my nausea is not as bad.

SeaBands- I mentioned recently that a friend recommended these to me. They made all nausea go away until the last couple of days. Now they are definitely still taking the edge off. I still recommend them because they certainly help.

They come in a box like this, and can purchased at any pharmacy, or grocery store with a pharmacy. (I purchased mine at Walmart).

They look like thin sweat bands, with a small knob on them. There are two in a pack and you need both, one for each wrist.

Step 1: Place them on your wrist
Step 2: Place 3 fingers on your wrist. Place the outside edge of your ring finger on the first crease of your wrist. The knob should be positioned in the middle of your wrist just on the other side of your pointer finger.

The knobs press on a pressure point like acupuncture. 

Preggie Pop Drops- These are sold online or in maternity stores like Motherhood or Pea in a Pod. They offer Ginger or Sour flavors (lemon, sour apple, sour orange). They offer drops, hard candy, or lollipops.

Lemon Drops/Peppermints- Yes, they are full of sugar, but sometimes desperate times, you take what you can get! 

I have also been drinking lemon tea in the morning which seems to help most of the morning. Some people prefer peppermint tea. I have a friend who would put a tiny bit of ground ginger under her tongue. Unfortunately, sometimes it is trial and error, but generally everyone finds something. Hope you find this information helpful, and remember this too will pass.

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