Sunday, January 19, 2014

Baby #4- Week 8

Baby is the size of a raspberry.

I am always amazed at how quickly babies grow! To go from a blue err to a raspberry in just 7 days is a lot. I love reading about what is developing, and the new accomplishments each week. How God has desired a child to grow and develop is just a beautiful process.

We have all been a little off this week. I am not sure what is going on. No one is "sick", everyone just been tired, mostly. It is odd even the kids have been sleeping more, which has been nice since I have been extra tired, they have also been extra whiny. Hoping this week is a little better.

Since everyone was down we had a lot of comfort food.

Which leads me to my nausea, it is getting worse still. I was so excited about the chicken stew, and took my first bite (carrots) I thought it was ok. Then I took a bite of the chicken and started to gag. The kids liked it, so I know it was not the stew. The baby does not like chicken. We have altere our menu, and I am eating mostly beef with some pork. I will be cooking chicken some for my family, but on those nights I will be eating leftovers. Hopefully once my first trimester has passed I will be eating chicken again.

I have found that carbs help my stomach as well. I have made biscuits 3 times this week, and I will be making some bread tomorrow as well. 

Other than nausea and fatigue things are going well. My babies ask me every day if they can feel the baby yet. It is so sweet! I am looking forward to a doctor visit that is hopefully sometime in my near future!

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