Friday, June 1, 2012

Cushing Syndrome

I had never heard of such a thing as Cushing Syndrome until this February. My mother-in-law was having some problems and after her cancer last year the doctors do not take any chances. They originally diagnosed her with dangerously low potassium and sudden onset diabetes. After treating her for those two things for about two weeks in the hospital, they sent her home with insulin and a strict diabetic diet. She was not getting better. They readmitted her into the hospital and ran a few tests to find that her Cortisol level was 10,000 (the average persons is 100). This lead them to the diagnosis of Cushing Syndrome. The doctors ended up transferring her to another hospital about an hour and a half away, fortunately my sister-in-law was attending the school associated with the hospital, so my father-in-law was able to stay in her apartment. They were able to remove her adrenal glands, and that was able to take away most of her problems. She is still on several medicines as her body gets back to normal. She is also doing physical therapy because she was in a hospital bed for so long making her weak. She can now stand all by her self and walk for small periods of time. She is getting better slowly, but we keep reminding her it took you months to get like this it will take you at least that long to get back. The children and I are currently living at their house for four days a week, while my father-in-law goes to work. My husband goes back and forth between their home and ours. While it is a difficult time, we know this is only for a season. I had a very difficult time dealing with some of my responsibilites a couple of weeks ago, but God laid the story of Naomi and Ruth on my heart. While that story deals with a slightly different situation it reminded me of my responsibility to my husband's family (leave and cleave). I will obviously not be blogging as much, because I will not have access to a computer on a regular basis. I ask for your prayers as she is continuing heal. I also need prayer for me, I have low energy simply from being pregnant, but also from chasing 2 toddlers, keeping 2 homes cleaning, cooking, laundry, and caring for her is exhausting me. I do not sleep well at their home (plus those wonderful trips to the bathroom at least once a night) and my children are still adjusting their sleep patterns as well. It is an adjustment for everyone involved, but with a lot of prayer and God's grace, mercy, and help we will all get through this valley.

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