Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I am rejoicing!!!

I have been trying on and off for over a year to potty train my son. I did not want to push him, but once he turned 3 I found myself losing patience. He knew how to do it, he just did not want to. I tried bribery, scolding, crying, pleading, anything I could think of and any advice I was given, but many said he will do it when he is ready. About a month ago he was eating breakfast, and although I was dreading the fight, I told him he was going to put on is big boy underwear that day, his reply was "ok". I put them on him and about an hour later asked him if he had to go, he said yes, and went pee-pee on the the potty! From that point on he told me when he had to go and has only had 1 "accident" that was not an accident (and we had a little talk about that). I am so excited to only have 1 in diapers (for now). I am hoping to try my daughter when she turns two in August, if she does it I will have 2 maybe 3 months without diapers, what will I do?! I am so proud of my little man (and that we both survived to see it happen)!

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  1. None of my kids potty trained until they were 3. I didn't push them either! They will go when they are ready and I don't have the energy to fight with a little one to go potty.