Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 16

I am so excited that the kicks are getting strong enough for my husband to feel! This is generally the week when he begins to feel things. I love those moments when he has his hand on my bump and we are both experience the miracle of this sweet baby as he or she begins to learn how to move and tumble.

  Nausea- Is still here and oddly enough seems to be getting worse..... YUCK! There are some days I struggle to keep things down. If it continues until my next appointment (on the 25th, when I have my ultrasound!!!!)  I will talk to my doctor.

Discussion Question- As long as nothing goes wrong I hope to have more. I am praying about leaving our family planning up to God, and patiently (well kind of) waiting for God to guide my husband. Part of the problem is that I know one of the contributing factors of my mother's cancer is that she had me past the age of 35, it was a very very small factor. I also know that many OBs will only preform so many c-sections before they will "wash their hands" of you. We normally use natural family planning around 6-9 months when my cycle returns, but God has always overruled us :) Only He knows what our future holds and that is fine with me!

16 weeks
Doctor's Appointment- I had a good appointment. The baby's heartbeat is 150. I have lost another half a pound, so that makes a total weight loss of 2 1/2 pounds. This is fairly normal with me and with my nausea still present he was not surprised, but if I have lost more weight by next appointment we will discuss an anti-nausea medicine (I hate taking medicine, but I will if baby needs it). I am really looking forward to finding out the baby's gender!!! I even convinced my doctor to let me come back in three weeks rather than four ;)


  1. yay for a healthy baby!!! :)

    On the c-section thing, I recently heard of a mom who has had 7 c-sections! I was shocked...but they trusted God and He provided and kept them safe :)

  2. I contuned to be sick on and off until.. still am a time or two a week.

  3. Sorry that the nausea is still present. Hopefully if it continues, your doc can offer some help.

    Just pray for your husband; God works miracles!