Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My projects

I am not going to post any pictures yet because well, I am a lot little embarrassed. I am currently trying to purge, organize, and deep clean our home. We currently live in a 900 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment. It works great for us! I am trying to figure out the best way to use the space we have.

I am currently doing one room at a time. I will show pictures and explain what I do with each space.

Kitchen- We have a small "galley type" kitchen, our kitchen has some cabinet space, but no pantry. There is space on top of our cabinets for decorations and storage, and I am trying to balance both.

Dining/Entry- Our dining area is right inside the front door, but we do not allow shows inside our home, so there is also a space for shoes, and jackets right next to the door.

Family Room- We have a couch, glider, tv, and quilt rack. I try to keep very little in this room, since this is where we spend most of our time, and the children bring their toys in there to play.

Hallway- Our apartment is actually a made to be a handicap unit, so the hallway is over sized. This allows us to use some of the hallway space to store some things. We have the shelves for the toys in the hallway. We also currently have a bookcase in there as well.

Kid's Bathroom- Typical bathroom, except that we keep our emergency items in here because it is our safe space.

Master Bath/Laundry Room- We use this area for our family closet, storage, and bathroom. We have purchased several shelving units to help with the organization of this space.

Master Bedroom- Has our bed and the crib for baby #3. We also have a dresser, that is used for storage and as a changing table.

Kid's Bedroom- My children currently share a room. It works well since they love being near each other and my daughter has a fear of being alone. There is a dresser, twin bed, toddler bed, and a few toys.

Third bedroom- Well, it has become somewhat of a dumping ground, for boxes (I will explain what happened when I get to this room), our DVDs, and toys in "time out". We hope to make this an office space where we can also do our homeschooling.

I may take a few before pictures, but only after some work has been done. I hope that as I go through this process I can be a help to someone else who made need some motivation (and since I am actually coming out and saying it on here I am hoping to be held accountable). It will take a while, but I have 4 months right ;)

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