Friday, June 8, 2012

Dealing with Depression during Pregnancy... Naturally

My depression and anxiety are starting to get to me, but I really do not want to take anything. I have done some research and spoke to the doctor about some things that I can do naturally. If these things do not work I will consider medicine. Here are a few things that I am trying to help.

Coffee- I love coffee, hot or cold, morning or night, winter or summer! I try to drink decaffeinated, even when I am not pregnant/nursing. While you are pregnant a cup or two will not hurt the baby. I have found through some research that it can help.

Folic Acid- I am going to be taking some extra folic acid. This is not a bad idea while you are pregnant anyways, but it can help with depression.

Tea- I am ordering Mama's Red Raspberry Tea from the Bulk Herb Store. I will be drinking a glass at night to hopefully help me calm and unwind from the day.

Omega-3- Another good thing to take while pregnant anyways, but can also aide in natural remedies for depression.

I will let you know if these things help.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that the depression and anxiety are rearing their ugly heads! Good for you for talking to your doc and I will be praying that something(s) from your natural list will help!


  2. I am so sorry you are dealing with depression. I have had to go back on medication and my dr. felt that the benefits outweighed the risks. When we are depressed and anxious the baby is affected as well. May the Lord sustain you as I know how horrible that cloud is. We are truly weak creatures in need of His grace. Sending bloggy love your way and thanks for linking up with Wisdom Wednesday!