Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Week 18

This week we had our ultrasound to find out how the baby was progressing and find out the gender. The doctor said the baby looks perfect, and right on schedule. James and Jewel were unsure of what they were looking at, but it was sweet to stop and listen to the heartbeat.

Weight Gain- I am still -2 pounds. My doctor is not concerned, because the baby is growing nicely and since I started out a little overweight and I have not lost any more weight then he is fine.

Nausea- I still have some, but it is mostly smells that will start me gagging.

Cravings- Chinese!!!!

I am getting some work done around the house, and I am excited to be nesting a little. Ok I won't keep you in suspense any more the baby is a GIRL!!!

I think my husband was a little disappointed, but he is still happy with another girl. In case you had not realized I do not share my children's first names, so her middle name will be Bell. We name our children after family members. My son is named after my husband's grandfather and my cousin. My oldest daughter is after my mom and my husband's nanni. Bell is after my aunt and my husband's nanni. Nanni's name was Jewel Bell and we fell in love with it, so we just had to use the whole thing!

I was very emotional the evening following finding out the baby was a girl. I feel so blessed and honored that God would give me two children to care for, but the thought of another girl. I feel overwhelmed. I feel honored that God would allow me to have another girl to guide through life, and scared at the thought of I hope I can be a good example to both of the girls. I am looking forward to meeting her in November.

Discussion Question- I nursed my son for nine months. When he was nine months old I found out I was pregnant with Jewel and he was beginning to lose interest and I was beginning to dry up, so weaning was no problem. I started weaning Jewel at 11 months and by 13 months she was down to only nursing before nap and bed time. These were the two most difficult times to wean, because she was wearing her brace for her hip clicks and I am a wimp. I had to do it cold turkey when I started some medicine that was not safe for her. It took a couple of months of rocking and cuddling, but she did fine. I am hoping to nurse Bell for at least a year. 

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  1. For a second there I thought you weren't going to tell the gender!! How sweet to have another girl! I have 2 girls and just love how they play with one another.

    I had similar feelings when I found out we were expecting our first girl. I was really nervous and wasn't sure how I would raise a girl! But with God's help, it has been great! I'm so happy to be the mom of 2 girls!