Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cops and Kids

Today, in the park downtown (I say that like there is more than one park), the local police officers, firefighters, animal control, special ops, and EMTs held an event. The best thing about it, EVERYTHING WAS FREE!!! I took Monkey and Jewel down for a hour. We watched the drug and "bad guy catching" dogs do some demonstrations.

Then we got to see the city's new $1,000,000 firetruck.
He really liked the motorcycles (I think they were a little more his size).

Then we ate our hamburgers and hot dogs before heading home for a nap.
They gave away free t-shirts as well, but the only size left were mediums. He will grow into it. Jewel got her daddy extra fair skin and mommy didn't put any sunscreen on. Guess I should buy some to keep in the diaper bag for next time......

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