Friday, May 20, 2011

Play Time

When I was pregnant with Jewel I prayed that Monkey would adjust well to her being born. I was very concerned for a while, until God calmed my nerves and reminded me he is so young he will probably never remember his life before she was born. I know many children have difficulty adjusting when there is several years between siblings. I prayed that they would love each other. Thank you God for answering my prayer! Other than the occasional "Mine" over a toy, they play well. My prayer now has turned into please God may they never lose the love and friendship that they have now, may no other person or thing come between them. The other day they were having a snack, she was sitting in her chair and I was allowing him to eat on the couch. When she accidentally drops her cracker onto the floor, he says "Oh, no!", jumps up, runs over and picks up her cracker to give back to her. Also, if I give him something, like a cookie, he will ask for one to give to her as well. I love that they love each other! God help them to keep that love forever.......

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