Friday, May 27, 2011


I have just finished making my lunch, but Monkey was already finished. My husband and I were waiting for the tater tots to finish, but he wanted goldfish instead. I cleaned him off and set him on the floor, so he ran over to play with Jewel. We begin fixing our plates when we begin to hear a rattling sound, I turn around to find he has opened a "childproof" medicine bottle and is chewing up some of the medicine. I knock what he has out of his and begin to scrape what I can out of his mouth. I rush him to the bathroom and start rinsing his mouth out. We call Poison Control, who tells us to take him to the ER because we don't know how much he actually swallowed. We rush him to the ER where they take blood and after a couple hours of trying to get him to drink charcoal. We have to wrap him up in a sheet to keep him held down, plus 1 nurse, myself and my husband holding him down and another nurse drowning him with a syringe of 60ml of cherry flavored charcoal. Meanwhile, he is screaming and crying "No! No!", I started to well up, but knew I couldn't cry. They also did a chest x-ray, and tried to get a urine sample to see if he had actually swallowed any of the UTI medicine (but he refused to pee in the bag. They finally let us go after 5 hours of observation. By the time we got home he had a diaper full of orange urine, and a after I changed that one the charcoal exited as well. We came home ate dinner put him to bed and threw away all the prescriptions we had. He is fine, thanks to the charcoal........

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