Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thankful: Day 9

I am thankful for football! Yes, I said it! I am from the south. I enjoy watching football. I grew up watching my mom's favorite team, the Dolphins (NFL), play every Sunday. As I have grown I began to like the Tampa Bay Bucs, after I met my husband I grew to enjoy watching college football more, there is more passion in college. I know it may be a strange thing, but I enjoy the game and the family time. We would always go to my in-laws every Saturday to watch football. Everyone would bring food, we would get nap time and jammies for the kids and spend the day enjoying football and togetherness. Now that my mother-in-law is no longer with us we do not go over, so I try to make our time at home just as special. We enjoy sitting around and watching the game. Even tonight my oldest daughter watched with her princess dress on. I am thankful for entertainment and family time!

Tonight's game

Emma (2 months) and Ray-J (19 months)

My little football player at "Papaw's base" (that is what he called the base where my father-in-law worked)

Emma (13 months)

Cathy Belle (10 months)

Cathy Belle (9 months)

And ROLL TIDE!!!!!

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